Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Signing off…. ‘rishi

Signing off….

Waiting for the day that will have
24 + n hours;
with the different dimensions of sleep
categorically excluded.

Waiting for the Day when 
sleep would allow me to stay wide awake
within its all too dark boundaries
and lead me to the shores of infinity.

Waiting for the Day with rhythm, rhyme
not just for their sake,
but, in their wake
making way for a quantum leap.

Deep oh deep -
at this very moment a volcano could be
all set to burst
inside the sea in Lakshadeep;

Oh! there is a beep in my mobile’s ‘Profiles’.
Of course having nothing profane.
All too sane
it condenses the lengthy ringtone
into a mere beep- what a sweep!

Enthralled I marvel!
Sleep overpowering, never to unravel
 its mysteries
Geography, Science, Philosophy _
God, how desperately they cling to ‘selfie’! 

All in a nutshell _ My Brain
Its grains, the atoms
with photons, electrons contained
waves, particles _ in sum
what is happening in the ventricles…?

How to know… where to go…
What to do…. Who are you…
Me you he she they
Go all the way
To nowhere….

Truth or hearsay
Filled with shades of gray
All through the night and day
Life remains hidden and throbbing....
Not knowing whether this is dawn
Or night yet to be gone?

As usual I have to sign off
Wondering whom to thank
What to say – ‘see you’, , ‘goodbye’‘so long’
‘God’  or ‘Big Bang?
My mind remains blank.
‘After all vacuum is no vacuum’ _
Assure atoms.

Sitting on the cosmic wall
Humpty Dumpty sing in chorus :
“This life has everything in
Fifty-fifty mode;
With everything at one go foretold, untold…
Keep trying, to decode”.

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