Thursday, November 26, 2015

A BRIEF PROFILE - a poem by rishi


“Enough of speaking:
Let us Act” said She,
The ‘Two-Minutes social reformer;
(Pseudo) intellectual;
(Pretentiously) Progressive;
Pathetic PRO of one’s own self;
Her abusive words
Bear testimony to Her (scant) sensitivity;
Falling short of half-learning in everything
desperately posing as an expert in all fields
She always commands, in a manner so grand!
She always questions; never listens!
With a closed mind, calling it open
She struts around, holding her head high
Calling you ‘guy, greeting him ‘hi!’
Mouthing morbidly marvellous words!
At her beck and call _ 
Marquez, Derrida, Maharishi, Mahishasuraa –
_ she treats them all as her brand ambassador!
Yes, she is always on the move, staying indoor!
(could be a short-cut to fame!)
One two  three four _
Frame after frame flashes the name….
Oh how at all we bear with such sickening weed?
It shows the extent of our tolerance indeed!

ROLE-PLAY a poem by rishi


Playing the common man’s companion, mentor, saviour
Piling up million billion trillion by every passing hour
Owning multi-national companies
and mansions in at least four countries
One can afford to think of packing and moving out
at any given time.

In all probability  a ‘convenience sake’ decision it might be….

Oh, why make grand announcements?
Why give excuses?
Why hold all others responsible?

They go on _
Not caring a damn about all the adverse impacts
of their utterances;
How their words might divide their hapless brethren
_ those not having even a roof of their own
Yet are destined to toil and perish on this soil alone…

I beseech you, leave them in peace, oh Celebrities …

Continue dancing around the trees.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

மந்திரமாவது சொல்! - ரிஷி

மந்திரமாவது சொல்!


பெரும்பேச்சுப் பேசி, 

பாராட்டும் கைத்தட்டலும் வாங்கி

திடீர் சமூகக்காவலர்களாகி

படீரெனத் தங்கள் மாளிகையின் 

இரும்புக் கதவங்களைத் தாழிட்டுக்கொண்டு 

பத்திரமாகத் தூங்கத் தொடங்கிவிடுவார்கள்....

உதிர்க்கும் ஒவ்வொரு வார்த்தையின்

வீச்சையும், விரிவையும்,

விளைவுகளையும் பற்றிய புரிதலற்று, 

அல்லது, ஈரம் வற்றிய புரிதலோடு்

பேசக் கற்றவர்கள்....

எனில், மனிதநேயம் என்பது 

தெருவோரம் முளைக்கும் காளான் அல்லவே.

IN THE NAME OF ...... a poem by 'rishi


In the name of tolerance....
I can afford to be arrogant;
that is my birthright
but if you choose to be so
you will be straightaway branded intolerant.

In the name of 'freedom of speech'....
I can afford to express a damning opinion;
but if you dare open your mouth
you will be abused with words uncouth.

In the name of rational thinking
I can afford to denigrate
all that you hold sacred
but if you react even mildly
you will be attacked all too wildly
(hopefully, verbally)

In the name of Intelligence
I can afford to view all others as fools
but if you dare to call it unfair
you will be called - oh, what all! beware!