Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TRENDING SYNDROME… a poem by 'rishi'

a poem by rishi


to, thee, armed with jaundiced lens….

let nonsense be your other name from hence!

for _

every time you open your mouth
(which is indeed all too often!)
words uncouth, worth a twopence
tumble down,
or getting stuck along the fence.

sour-nothings, sickeningly foul
you scream and howl _
being always on the prowl
to lay hands on something
that can be used as a pedestal!

with no substance at any level
oh, how you foolishly revel!
being a thorny shrub
breeding poisonous seeds…

wonder how much more
dirt and filth
lie deep-rooted in your psyche.
and, you go on calculating your ‘likes’.

east west north south
all encompassing ever be your frown
nothing more
except tours
empty discourses
umpteen number of images uploaded
others ‘words of wisdom’ amply borrowed.

 you keep alive your incessant mongering for power
under the garb of human welfare
crying for warfare
from a safe distance.

you remind me of the vessel empty
reciting humpty-dumpty
sitting on a wall
awaiting your fall
being arrogantly ignorant of it all!

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