Monday, July 18, 2016

SIGNING OFF (Soliloquy….. 1)


(Soliloquy….. 1)


‘rishi’(latha Ramakrishnan)

Wonder how long you are going to be afflicted  with the question   
‘To be or Not to Be....’

Hamlet, My Honey _  
Isn’t Life so gruesomely funny?

May be it is Ophelia you deserve 
and none better…
Reserve some of your soliloquies 
for future Shakespeare.

Subjectively objective, objectively subjective –
Oh, come on, cut short those clichés….
Do put on your mask, carry a flask
with a cup of hot coffee, occasionally munch a toffee….

Hamlet, My Friend, Philosopher and Guide –
How deftly you carry both Dr.Jeckyl and Mr.Hyde?
After all Life is a Stage, they say
Go, get ready for the next play…..

Attachment, detachment, attached detachment 
– My foot
Where is the need for Verbiage, Rhetoric? 
Go shoot and loot           
If not with gun,  
with ‘mightier than the sword’ pen.

Go, pursue Ophelia the fool, exercising your brand 
‘method in madness…’
as you go on you might learn that she too has 
some hidden design….

Walking left, right, about-turn  
- say, what do you gain?

‘Thinking makes it heaven or hell’
-True Hamlet, but please don’t tell   “Ding dong bell”.

Well…. with or without water
Yester year or ever after
Whatever be the case   the atoms….(pause)….

Sleep overpowering Me the vulnerable
No more ‘disabled’ but differently-abled’

Rhyme and reason  playing treason
Is Poetry a Season?
an extended limb or soul?
Angel or Monster on the whole?

With or without W -  W is in fact double V  _
and, there lies the woeful irony!

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