Monday, February 1, 2016


When I set forth writing this poem,
my mind remains a vacuum….
With no theme, nor thought-process;
never resorted to ready resources,
seeking help from Google.

Can poem be prepared as a
‘two-minute Noodles?
Or manufactured as an use-and-throw
injection needle…?
Cock-a-doodle doodle.
Oh, damn the rhyme -
bells to chime –
Alas, there I go again….

Loss or Gain
this unfathomably dire need
for not ending the day without my say –
on what, know not.

Of course within the vacuum
Atom molecules are ever ready to
lead me into a cellar where
the pendulum of a Clock Timeless
keeps oscillating….
Tick…. Tock….. tick…. Tock….

Cock Hen Sheep Rhino –
When would they wage war
against humans?
who knows!
The atoms keep on bouncing in a leap
_ quantum or otherwise,
with all the possibilities of the
Particle and Wave,
the sea and ocean
under the grip of pollution.
Solution is not that easy
by merely changing the ‘p’ to ‘s’
and extricating an ‘L’.

Well, what says the Progress Report –
Pass or Fail
Post card or E-Mail….?

Life, an open-ended University
for endless debate; update.
At once a clean slate and a blackboard
full of code-words….

Worlds not world
‘in a smaller than nut shell’ included
in the realm of Atoms
without and within
shouldering the sins and boons of Adam and Eve
I go on….

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