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Respected and Dear Friends,
Greetings from one and all of Jeevan Gnanodhaya School for the Deaf . We have come into being since the start of the 90s for the sole purpose of improving the social status of those with Hearing Impairment and also to help he poor rural children with Hearing Impairment to receive education and come up in Life.

We firmly believe that the handicapped can fare as good as , if not better, any able person, provided they are treated well and given proper accessories and opportunities. And, to this end we not only give academic education to our students but also training in some vocational skills so that they can stand on their own legs and lead a life of dignity and self-sufficiency.

We started our mission with just five rural children, fifteen long years ago and step by step, with great difficulty, we have grown to what we are now, nurturing more than hundred and fifty poor, rural children with hearing impairment, providing them food, cloth, shelter, education, medicare and a lot more.

We started in a small thatched, rental and we have struggled hard to make both ends meet, so to say, to give a square meal to those children who have come into our fold and look up to us for guidance and hope to stay healthy and study hard.

With the help and assistance of good samaritans like you, our School has grown, against all odds. We provide everything free for our students and we meet all our expenses solely with the help of support and financial assistance offered by our donors and patrons. As children are growing fast and as their needs are getting multiplied with each passing day our day to day expenses are steadily increasing.

There are also several recurring expences such as repairing hearing-aids, buying new hearing aids for new students and for those who among the old students do not possess it. Every month we have to give salary to our teachers some of whom are Special teachers appointed for the specific task of giving Speech Exercises to our students with hearing impairment Theraphy.

Now, our School has expanded with various sections and divisions such as the School For The Deaf, I.T.I., Evening School, Home For The Mentally Ill, Shelter for Orphaned and Abandoned Children and altogether there are more than 300 students with Hearing Impairment and Poor Rural Children from nearby villages being benefited from our School.

And, the chairs and tables, black-boards, hearing-aids, other teaching accessories that we have proved insufficient to cater to the needs of these children of our School.

Before eight years, we manufactured tables and chairs to cater to the needs of the 70 students with Hearing Handicap who were studying in our School then. Now there are more than 130 students with hearing impairment receiving ‘special education’ in our School from 1st to 10th Standard and also there are 30 Students with Hearing Impairment studying in the I.T.I having Drawing Class, Practical Class, Theory Class and all for which we do not have sufficient furniture which causes a lot of problem in their day-to-day Studies.

The next Academic Year is soon to start and we have to provide new note-books and uniforms to our students. There will be new admissions too for whom we have to provide hearing-aids and other educational accessories without delay. For all our day-to-day expences and additional expences we have no alternative but to keep knocking at the doors of people like your good self who are sensitive enough and capable of understanding our plights and it is with your guidance and support that we are able to march ahead with determination and enthusiasm.

If you be kind enough to come forward and help us have furniture as like those available in the Special Schools For Students With Hearing Impairment our children would benefit more in the coming years and also we would be able to well organize the class-rooms of our students and so provide them a congenial atmosphere for reading and learning.

Since the start of our School, for the past 18 years we have been offering Speech Training and also Academic Education to our children with hearing impairment. Thus, children of our School become capable of speaking and also acquire proficiency in School Education and Vocational Training. At present the children of our School are receiving Speech-Training and Academic Education in Tamil only. The fact that Education is not being taught through the medium of English in our School is being increasingly felt as a hurdle in the way of our children’s progress. As they are taught in Tamil they find it difficult to learn about how to use Computer to the best of their advantage. And, lack of English knowledge prove a great obstacle in their employment opportunities also.

As the present day younger generation face intense competition in the field of Education and Employment and as our educational system has advanced to a great extent, our students find it very difficult to cope with the growing demand for knowledge and proficiency in English. They are not able to benefit from anything that is rendered in English. Especially, in I.T.I., most of the subjects have question papers in English and we have obtained first-hand knowledge of the way our I.T.I students struggle with their question and answer papers.

Hence, we have planned in right earnest to impart Education in English and through the medium of English and have been striving hard in this direction for the past 10 years, visiting various Schools for the children with hearing impairment, Training Schools for them and also the University of Coimbatore, to find out how the knowledge of English and also education in various subjects through the medium of English can be imparted to our children with hearing impairment.

But, if we are to impart Education through the medium of English it makes it imperative that our children should learn Sign Language also through English. So far our children have been learning Speech and Lip Reading through the medium of Tamil and switching over to English at this stage, teaching Speech and Sign Language in English would prove a very difficult task both for the teachers and the students too would find it very difficult to adapt themselves to the change in the medium of instruction.

Still, as we sincerely believe that proficiency in English and learning through English would definitely help and benefit our children in the long run and enable them to stand on par with others and also pave the way for enhancing their standard of living we have decided to impart both Speech and Sign Language through the medium of English and also teaching them the language of English thereby helping them gain proficiency in spoken and written English.

If Sign Language and English are to be introduced we should appoint specially qualified and trained teachers who could teach children with hearing impairment. Keeping this in mind and with a view to learn about the advantages and practical difficulties of teaching Sign Language through the medium of English we paid a visit to Sri Ramakrishna Vivekananda in Coimbatore and met the I.H.R.D.C Dean there and explained to him our previous state of affairs and our proposed plans for the future. Giving us a patient hearing he explained to us the hurdles that would come our way in the beginning but said that once they are overcome there would surely be lasting advantages in our new initiative.

Further, he has also promised to us that he would send two of their specially trained and qualified teachers having Diploma or Post-Graduate Degree in the said field of specialization for the said purpose and also told us that he would arrange for a ‘campus-inerview’ on 19.4.08 with the help of which we could select instructors for teaching Speech and Sign Language to our children through the medium of English.

For the success of this new initiative we require the following Teaching Staff:

1) Diploma Teacher _ 2
2) B.Ed Teacher _2

Also, for this new initiative to take shape and prove effective we need an additional amount of Rs.26,000 every month for paying salary to the ‘special educators’. But, as you know, the way things stand today we keep struggling to make both ends meet and we also have very many an essential and recurring expenses towards Maintenance, Hostel, Food, Cloth, Medicare, Education, Accessories etc. And, along with these if an additional expense is also to be borne every month, we would surely find it a great unbearable burden.

At the same time, we are very sure that this new initiative would prove a great boon to our children with hearing impairment. Hence, we, as usual, appeal to you to come to our aid in realizing this initiative of ours, the way you have supported all our endeavours for the cause of children with hearing impairment.

Hence, with this Requisition Letter I appeal to one and all good Samaritans to help us in all possible manner

Please be kind enough to lend your helping hands to us at this crucial juncture and enable our School to run as usual, ensuring the well-being of our students with hearing impairment who hail from poor, rural families.

I humbly appeal to your goodself to help us meet the basic and essential expenses for the Month of February, 2009. They are listed below:

1) ONE DAY FOOD 1500X30 Rs. 45,000

2) Hearing-Aid batteries Rs. 1750

3) Students’ Medicare Rs. 1000

4) 10th Public Exam Fees
(for 18 students) Rs. 2850

5)StudentsUniform+Toilet Maintenance (4) Rs. 1000

6) Electricity Rs. 6700

7) Students’ Evening Tea,
Biscuits(for 150 Students per day) Rs. 4500

As the Annual Exams are fast approaching for the Final Year Students I am duty-bound to look into their educational and other needs and prepare them well for their Public Examinations. But, as stated earlier, due to my ailing health condition I am not in a position to move out of my place. Hence, I am submitting this Appeal to one and all of you to lend all possible help to our Institution.

I am placing before your kindselves the ‘ONE DAY FEEDING PROGRAMME’ also which would be of great help to us.


Thanking You,
Yours, in the service of the Hearing Impaired,
jeevan gnanodhaya school for the deaf
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